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The consulting phase is a crucial step that lays the foundation for the entire project. During this phase, we meet with the you and discuss your ideas, goals, and budget for the project. We will review the space and provide feedback on what is feasible within the given parameters. We may offer suggestions for design and layout options, as well as materials and finishes that can help achieve the homeowner's desired look and feel. Additionally, the consultant may provide cost estimates and timelines for the project. Overall, the consulting phase is an essential part of our process, helping to ensure that your vision is achievable and that the project stays within budget and on schedule.

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The design phase is where your vision starts to take shape. Once the consulting phase is complete, you and our design team work together to create a plan for the project that reflects your style and preferences. During this phase, the design team will create sketches, layouts, and 3D models of the space, allowing the you to visualize the final product. They will also choose materials, finishes, and colors that align with the your vision and budget. Communication is key during the design phase, as you and the design team work together to refine the plans until you are satisfied with the overall design. The design phase is an exciting and crucial step in the process, as it sets the foundation for the construction phase to follow.


Lastly, the build phase of a project is where the plans created in the design phase come to life. During this phase, the construction team works to transform the space according to the approved plans.  Throughout the build phase, the homeowner can expect regular communication from the construction team to keep them updated on progress and any unexpected challenges that may arise. Depending on the scope of the project, the build phase can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. As the final touches are put in place, the construction team will perform a final walkthrough with the homeowner to ensure that everything has been completed to their satisfaction. The build phase is an exciting time as the homeowner watches their vision become a reality!

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